Amazon – The New Digital Villain (for Brands at Least)

Buckle up brands – if you thought it was difficult to sell your products on Amazon before, things are just going to get more and more difficult. When searching on the massive website, the products that appear on the top of the results page are most likely going to be sponsored ads. According to VOX, “one out of 10 products pages you visit on Amazon comes from sponsored content, a 3 percentage point jump up from last year”. When selling products on Amazon, the placement of your product is important because consumers do not want to scroll endlessly for the best product.

In a sea of products, there can only be about 50 products on a page and being on the first page gives an immense advantage. Selling products on Amazon is not just difficult for small brands, but large brands are suffering by having to pay for sponsored ads in order to appear higher and higher in the search results page too. For example, Samsonite, one of the most widely recognized luggage brands, must pay for sponsored ads in order to be the top result when consumers search, “Samsonite.”

This has some serious implications for brands because Amazon has also tweaked their algorithm to make sure that their own brands are granted special treatment by having their branded products appear towards the top of the search results as well. So not only do other brands have to pay for their spot, but they must also compete with the highly-rated and relatively inexpensive Amazon branded products.

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