1 Question, 3 Points of View:




What are clients/marketers the most uncertain or concerned about looking ahead to the next 12 months? 


There are 3 key concerns weighing on many marketers- heavily related to ensuring they are keeping up with all the changes in the marketing ecosystem.  A.) They want to make sure they are on the right platforms to reach their customers.  B.) They want to make sure they are getting what they paid for- media integrity.  C.) And they want to see a new level of analytics to prove the efficacy of their marketing investments.
— Eric Johnson, CEO


Potential stagnation of brain power working for large tech companies as immigration becomes more stringent.
— Justin Higa, Assistant Media Planner


Concerned about the changing landscape – politics, innovation, economy, digital…things are moving fast and I think Clients fear missing out and not feeling confident that their brands are staying relevant.
— Bree Bandy, VP of Brand Management