Ask Ignited: Question 11

1 Question, 7 Points of View


Artificial intelligence and machine learning is __________.

“The future.  Because it is changing everything – the way we communicate, do business, gather and exchange information…”
Bree Bandy, VP of Brand Management


“Scary. Just watched the movie Ex Machina.”
Cindy Whitlock, Senior Production Artist


“Amazing. It allows brands and marketers to customize content specific to each individual customer helping to form a deeper connection.”
Christel Roldan, VP of Brand Management


“Cool, but scary. It’s cool because it makes us more efficient, but scary because it could threaten many current roles—so we’ll all be challenged to bring value above the machines!”
Chalita Dasnanjali, Group Media Director


“Up-and-coming. Machine learning and AI can revolutionize the way things are done and we’ve already come quite far in many respects.  However, there will likely be years of perfecting before it truly goes mainstream.”
Sherie Garda, Brand Manager


“Imminent. Western society has such a need for speed, it’s becoming imperative that our devices know what we want as soon as we want it.”
Ron Graening, Sr. Production Artist


“Important. Because training sets are finite and the future is uncertain.”
Todd Kenman, Experience Producer