1 Question, 4 Points of View:



What is one implication of the current political landscape for brands today?


“Opportunity for brands to create messaging/content to cut through the daily toxic political headlines and get consumers to forget, for a moment, what’s going on in Washington.”
— David Lock, VP, Experiential + Business Development


“Associating a brand with a specific POV on current political decisions is risky due to the fact that there is a varied “majority” of people who both agree and disagree with specific political topics. EX: #DeleteUber Protest led to Uber losing clients and drivers due to association with the Trump Administration.”
— Annika Gomez, Media Intern


“I think President Trump brings with him a great uncertainty of many things, for example trade barriers could impact the U.S. economy…that impact can trickle down to product inventory and marketing budgets.”
Bree Bandy, VP of Brand Management


“It gives brands a chance to stand for something. If a brand feels strongly about a certain belief or relevant political topic, they could utilize the current political landscape to stand for an issue and define why their company does what they do for the U.S. consumer to see and possibly align with.”
— Matt Steenstra, Assistant Media Planner