1 Question, 5 Points of View:


Why is Snapchat such a big deal / so relevant?

“Snapchat has the potential to provide another point of entry for advertisers. If Snapchat can mine their big data and turn it into a network just like Facebook, they won’t fizzle out like Twitter is/will.”
— Justin Higa, Assistant Media Planner

“Snapchat is a big deal because it is the new, mostly untapped social playground for brands. As with any social channel, brands need to provide compelling, authentic content or the young millennial/centennial audience will tune them out as ads versus entertainment.”
— Christel Roldan, VP Brand Management

“It offers quick and easy access to visual status updates from your friends and other news/entertainment sources which eliminates the need to read through lengthy posts. The simplicity and “user-friendliness” of the app attracts consumers looking for an easier way to get important information and stay connected with friends. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy selfies?”
— Annika Gomez, Media Intern

“Big Deal. Big IPO. Big money. Big gains and losses. In this day and age where everything is documented, having a social media channel that allows you to be you, capture that moment, and then send it to those you want and not have to live with it for years, is quite genius.”
— Bree Bandy, VP of Brand Management

“Some people actually use it for everyday communicating instead of text messaging. The easily identifiable customizable features (dog filter) and the fact everyone checks their snapchat multiple times a day has cemented Snapchat’s place in today’s social culture.”
— Matt Steenstra, Assistant Media Planner