COVID-19 impact on college/university decision making

Ignited conducted a study of 216 parents and teens in May 2020 to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the importance of decision-making factors related to selecting a college, as well as how this has changed the way students and parents/guardians research colleges.

Executive Summary

Overall the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted parents much more than students when it comes to researching and selecting colleges/universities.

For both parents/guardians and students, Cost, Location and Cleanliness have become more important given the current environment.




It is more important than ever for colleges to communicate to parents in a compelling manner, letting them know what you are doing to address cleanliness, cost and class size. In addition, ensure the right communication channels are being utilized by focusing on optimizing your website and social content, and efficiently reaching parents with messaging that will resonate.

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