Falling behind on goals due to COVID?

Falling behind on goals due to COVID? How minimal paid media with organic marketing can jump start your efforts!

While a lucky few industries and companies benefited from the global pandemic, most suffered significant losses. And with the crisis continuing to drag on, recovering fully this year is not a possibility. All hope is not lost though—even pivoting to minimal paid marketing spend can help you accelerate your efforts and offset your losses.

The key is starting small and prove out that you can recapture revenue. The actual tactics to do so will be based on your goals.

Awareness/Favorability goals

  • If you are regularly publishing organic social posts to your existing audiences, you can easily increase reach to your most relevant audiences by using paid dollars to promote your best posts
  • With just a couple variations of ads, you can utilize reach-based optimization objectives in social to efficiently reach target audiences (preferably with video-like or full screen ad units)
  • Similarly, a few variations of display and native ads can also be very efficient for delivering reach and frequency across the web, targeted to audiences and their interests
  • Align with topical or audience relevant podcasts, either through sponsored talent reads (higher priced) or dynamically served spots (more efficient and audience/program targeted) to drive awareness
  • Create low-cost but engaging social contests to drive shares and follows for your brand, which not only builds awareness but favorability
  • When launching products, create and highlight an interesting story around the release (especially if it’s rather mundane like a new flavor launch)
  • If possible and organic/non-polarizing to the brand, include a do-good angle to your communications and products, especially ones that are relevant to the current landscape (i.e. homelessness, healthcare, job loss, social issues, etc.)

Purchase Intent/Conversion goals

  • Create a Google Merchant Center feed (if you don’t already have one) and take advantage of Google’s Organic and Paid Shopping listing placements to drive sales from your product catalog
  • Focus on lower funnel tactics such as Dynamic Product Ads in both Search and to increase conversions and conversion rate
  • Enable Facebook and Instagram Shops to provide an in-platform shopping opportunity
  • Turn your influencer and podcast initiatives to direct response campaigns by creating promo codes and custom landing pages to track and optimize towards most and efficient leads generated
  • Ensure your website SEO is fully optimized for best practices to set yourself up for the most traffic
  • Enable or optimize your affiliate marketing to bring in high quality leads
  • Add eCommerce capabilities through your own site, or at least via 3rd party (i.e. Amazon)
  • If your brand is not an eCommerce product or legalities come into play (i.e. cannabis, alcohol), add merchandise sales to increase profits
  • Even during COVID, you can create a pop-up event and/or stunt to drive sales via drive through and/or outdoor opportunities


Not all of these tactics will be right for every brand, but again, picking a few could be the difference between staying afloat and closing your doors.


Questions, Comments, & The Future

  • To-date, consumer spending online and for many specific goods and services has remained strong—but will the other shoe drop and everything come to a halt before the health crisis improves? Maybe, so it’s important for brands to capitalize now while the spending is still there.
  • Which industries will recover first and which currently successful industries will make it when their slow-down comes?
  • Which tactics have been most successful for which industries to stay alive?

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