Ready to Rebound

The economy will rebound. The question is — are you ready to take advantage of new environment?

We believe that savvy marketers will leverage 3 keys to success:

  1. Shift your mix: Shift to digital now. Online and social consumption are up 20%. Be where the eyeballs are and yield the heavy traffic that is likely to continue as the habit will stick beyond the pandemic.
  2. Create more: Now is the perfect time to push heavily into quick, inexpensive content creation. Make 2 dozen pieces, and find out which ones click with your audience.
  3. New funnel: Build a new CRM funnel that tracks behavior and allows you to focus your energy on building a top-of-the-funnel list, and monitor what your customers respond to online.

If you’d like a quick audit of your brand’s current strategy, drop us a message and we’d be happy to review how your strategy might pivot to the rebound.