End-up or startup—Disrupt or be Disrupted.

Author: Aaron Dus, VP Strategy & Analytics


A new generation of direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands and marketers are rapidly disrupting the retail landscape leaving many established brands having to reevaluate their commerce strategy. By effectively removing the so-called middle man (aka retailer) from the sales equation, these DTC brands are able to establish, foster and grow their relationship with customers in ways many product-led organizations were not easily able to do in the past.

In today’s speed to please economy, consumers expect exceptional customer support across all channels, speedy (and often free) delivery, and not to be sold to but rather listened to and understood before offering recommendations and suggestions to make their lives easier.

Those brands who can most effectively align to this new order or quickly pivot to stay in lock-step with consumers’ demands will become the next wave of household names.

This white paper explores 3 key areas:

1. DTC explained

2. DTC is actively disrupting the commerce landscape

3. Brand and relationship building vs. transaction generating

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