‘Tis The Season for Positive Growth

With the holiday season quickly approaching, is your brand prepared to adapt to new shopping behaviors and spread some much-needed cheer?


It goes without saying that this holiday season will look and feel much different than previous years but with new behaviors comes new opportunities and with the proper strategy in place, 2020 can end on a positive note for both brands and consumers alike.

With this rapid shift in consumer behavior, it is important that advertisers react and adapt to this change to ensure a fruitful holiday season this year. Here are four key questions brands must ask themselves:

  1. How will my brand be discovered this holiday season?

According to a May Coronavirus Research study conducted by GlobalWebIndex, 42% of adults surveyed plan to spend less time in stores or visit stores less frequently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the indefinite retail closures and stay-at-home orders, this will inherently lead to less in-store sampling and less time spent strolling the mall and window shopping. So how will your brand adapt? Was in-store sampling a core piece for your brand’s discovery? If so, is a virtual equivalent now necessary? Is your website optimized for discovery from an SEO perspective?

In any case, having a multi-touch point digital awareness strategy in place now will be more important ever to ensure that your brand is primed and top of mind for consumers leading into the holiday season.

  1. What is my brand’s creative and targeting strategy?

Who is my brand trying to reach? And with what message? These are all questions a brand must be prepared for leading into the holiday season. According to 2019 YouGov study, nearly 60% of adults surveyed research or purchased gifts for themselves during the holiday period.

So while the holidays are the season to give, self-gifting is more prevalent than ever and this trend can be capitalized on by ensuring the messaging resonates throughout your creative and targeting strategy. For example, having easy “treat yourself” bundles available will be a great way to reach consumers who are looking for easy, “affordable luxuries” to indulge in for themselves during these difficult times.

And above all, to achieve this, having a creative strategy in place with custom messaging to each target segment and based on a hierarchy of intent will be key.

  1. How or can my brand win this holiday season? Is my product relevant for holiday mega-sales?

When we think of holiday mega-sales, we typically think of big-ticket items like televisions or major appliances. However, during times of social and economic uncertainty, big ticket item purchases are typically first to be delayed. According to a May Coronavirus Research study conducted by GlobalWebIndex, 68% of surveyed shoppers have delayed a large purchase due to the COVID-19 pandemic while the “affordable luxury” category was least affected, which includes sub-categories like health & beauty. In fact, this category was one of the top six categories purchased in 2019 according to YouGov study conducted accounting for 21% of purchases made and we expect this trend to continue into 2020 as well.

So whatever vertical your brand is in, this holiday season can be a prime time for positive growth, even if the holidays are typically not a focus for your brand as consumers are seeking new ways to surprise and delight.

  1. Does my brand have a seamless shopping experience setup with multiple delivery options? I.e. in-store pickup or curbside pickup in addition to standard shipping?

According to the same May Coronavirus Research study conducted by GlobalWebIndex, 31% of adults surveyed plan to shop more online for delivery or pickup due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What this means for brands is that it is vital to have easy, fast, and safe pick up options for the consumer and not doing so could mean the difference of converting or not. And even if in-store/curbside pickup is not applicable for your brand, creating a frictionless checkout experience will still be just as important. Is your brand reliant on Amazon as part of your ecommerce strategy? If so, how will that change and compliment additional channels in 2020? Is your owned and operated website ecommerce experience optimized for success? Are you leveraging dynamic check out ads? In any case, it’s not a one-stop solution but rather how all elements come together to compliment one another to create a truly unified and seamless user experience.

It goes without saying that 2020 has opened up a gigantic and difficult can of considerations that all brands must examine. But all is not lost. We as advertisers are known to be adept and adaptable to change and the time to do so is now to access current strategies and pivot in this new, new — but certainly, not alone.

Here at Ignited, we are a full-service marketing agency well-versed and experienced in all aspects of media planning/buying, e-commerce strategy and optimization, creative design and production, as well as experiential and website design and optimization. So no matter your need, Ignited is here to help your business navigate through these challenging times.

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