Topic Talk: Too many stakeholders?

Too many stakeholders? How to manage communication and get them onboard.

Many organizations, especially big ones, have a large number of stakeholders. Even start-ups could mean everyone within the organization wants to weigh in on decisions. While ensuring they all generally have a sense for everything going on, striking the perfect balance between how much they know and what they are able to impact is often a challenge many clients face. Here are a few tips to consider as you navigate this problem.

When and who to include?

  • At the start of a project:
    • Create the “task force” with the key POC representatives for each department/entity — these POCs will be responsible for disseminating information to their group, as well as collecting streamlined feedback from their group when needed
    • Request input upfront that should be considered throughout the development and execution process — these stakeholders have valuable information that can help prevent missteps later
  • Mid-way point of the project:
    • As things start to take shape, provide a check-in to POC representatives to show project status
    • If requesting feedback, provide strict guidelines on what elements they are able to provide feedback on — only the factual details vs. subjective “creative” elements
  • Project completion:
    • Present high-level output as an Executive Summary, making sure to highlight the level detail and the research/work that went into developing the project so ensure it is airtight against subjective concerns
    • Do not provide opportunity for feedback, but do provide a next steps timeline for future share-outs — i.e. when the elements from the project go live, when there are opportunities for results and optimizations and what factors will lead to these, etc.

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