Virtual Events: To Zoom or not to Zoom? (Part 2)

It’s easy to think negatively about virtual events because they just aren’t the same as in-person events. Especially when we think about industry events and trade shows where the goal is to have 1:1 meetings with key contacts in succession and in one place. But the reality of that is that if those meetings are truly important, they can happen anytime as a dedicated call. Additionally, there may be business expense concerns about paying for team members to “attend” an event that is 100% online, especially since so many things online are free. However, consider that the overall “cost” to “attend” the event will now only consist of the entry fee and/or virtual production set-ups vs. hard costs of travel and accommodations, printing, construction, etc. Companies can actually save money with virtual events.  

In fact, there are many other pros to virtual events, including the fact that more people can attend in general—whether from the consumer side or your own team, broadening the reach of the event itself. While it is true that there may be less accountability to pay attention and not multi-task during the event, most content from virtual events are available on VOD. This provides opportunity for those who may have missed content to go back and catch-up, again, increasing exposure.  

So before you completely nix the virtual event strategy (either from an attendance or exhibition standpoint), think through the cost benefit. It may be worth it.  

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