“Watch” & You Shall Receive

Due to the novel coronavirus, mobile gaming apps are performing like never before with reports of record breaking performance driven by an increase in app downloads and consumer spending due to an increase in consumer mobile usage due to government mandated stay-at-home orders and staggering unemployment rates. 2020 is being recorded as one of the highest performing years in the mobile gaming space thus far, as TechCrunch reports a 42% year-over-year increase in downloads, reaching over 28 billion first-time installs across the mobile gaming market. Not only have the volume of microtransactions increased by 24%, the mobile gaming vertical is also seeing a 57% increase in impressions as well as a 59% surge in ad revenue due to the unprecedented repercussions of the coronavirus.

Once stay-at-home orders are lifted and restrictions ease, it is expected that the momentum of mobile gaming is to slow down as people will begin to return to work, school, and other pastimes that used to occupy their time. To take advantage of this channel’s current success in the landscape, advertisers should strike while the iron is hot by utilizing the type of ads that would work best for their campaign. Within mobile gaming, there are distinct differences in how users respond to different ad types. Ad formats that are least favored by users include static and video interstitial ads as these are viewed as the most disruptive and irritating because not only do they interrupt the user’s game play, but they are also considered challenging to close, making it more difficult for the user to return to their game. Rather, advertisers should consider implementing rewarded video ads as they are most favored by users. Rewarded video ad formats incentivize app users with free rewards within their game, including free lives, coins, etc., in exchange for their time either watching or interacting with an ad. These types of units tend to be some of the highest performing in engagement and retention given the nature of the ad, with mobile ad viewers converting at higher frequencies with the volume of installation conversion rates up by 23% compared to 2019. Consumers have also grown a fondness to the ad type by receiving a nearly 24-point jump in positive attitude response across users who consider themselves “hardcore” users. Studies also show that players like to be in control of when and how they see ads, with 71% of users preferring opt-in formats. Giving the user the option to opt-in also allows them to play longer and more frequently as the majority of users are motivated to play the ad to advance in the game.

Source: App Annie


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