What’s Good in 2020

2020 may be remembered for its Politics, Protests and Pandemics, but if you look hard enough, you can always find good things in the world. So, let’s take a look at the Panacea of Precious Puppies that have come into the lives of some of our Ignited families this year. Raising a dog can be a challenging endeavor, but the joy that it brings is definitely worth it.

Who knows, maybe they will discover the cure for COVID is puppy breath. Who wouldn’t want to get up close to these cute critters.


Emerald the Beagle, better known as Emi, is the newest member of Chalita’s family. When not curing pandemics or cuddling with Chalita, Emi likes to run and eat ice cubes (but only when served up by hand). Welcome to the family Emi.


This adorable ball of fluff is Nico Bandy. Nico is a CockaPoo (I thought that was a bird). Bree claims to have gotten him for her daughters, but one look at Nico, and we get the feeling she loves him as much as they do.


David is an outdoorsy kind of guy who needed a reliable hiking buddy. I think he found the perfect partner with this beautiful Labrador Retriever appropriately named, Everest. We wish you both many happy hikes.


Sam’s family rescued this little beauty from a shelter. They call her Phoebe, but her full name is Phoebe Buffay Princess Consuela Banana-hammock Helphand. (As Spicoli might say, “people on ludes should not name dogs”). She’s part Pomeranian, part Yorkie and 100% love.


We hope you’re finding some bright spots in this year of chaos as well.

Stay safe, wear a mask, and hug a puppy.