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What is often overlooked when considering marketing spend?

Live experiences with the audience – creating the face-to-face, emotional connection with brands
— David Lock, VP Experiential + Business Development

Organic efforts are often overlooked. Building a social community and actually interacting with your audience is super important to encourage a loyal following and positive branding.
Gina Drutz, Media Intern

For smaller brands, it’s the importance of brand awareness. They typically have smaller budgets and focus on sales or conversions, thus sacrificing new consumer acquisitions at a high rate.
— Justin Higa, Assistant Media Planner

Marketers often set their marketing spend as a percentage of past sales performance or this year’s sales goal. And it’s not a one-size fits all. Brands may not consider where they are in the category landscape when setting their budgets. Newcomers might need to spend more than the typical percentage to gain awareness and the category leader, likewise may need to spend more to defend their market share from new entrants.
— Christel Roldan, VP Brand Management