Ignited artist, CJ Whitlock.


Among the many great things about being in the advertising industry, is getting to work with so many talented people. One such person is Ignited’s own CJ Whitlock (known as Cindy to her friends). Cindy has agreed to show some of her art on the El Camp gallery wall, so more people can enjoy her work.


Cindy primarily makes limited edition relief prints. Her preferred medium for this is linoleum, but these types of print can also be created with wood. A relief print is made by cutting the image out of a flat surface. The remaining raised areas then form the relief block to which ink is applied by means of a roller, then a sheet of paper is pressed against the inked surface of the block, using either a printing press or hand burnishing. Only the raised part of the block deposits the inked image onto the paper. The print is a mirror image of the block.


Occasionally Cindy uses the reduction print process, which involves using the same block for more than one color by removing material from the same block for each color pass. Using the reduction method, one needs to be very accurate because these can never be printed again. The blue whale and water in the “Yellow Submarine” image below is an example of this process.


If you’re in El Camp, come look at the whole wall. If not, check out a few samples of her work, shown below.