Mabinogi Campfire

Los Angeles, CA – On Dec. 01, Ignited produced a fan event, Mabinogi Campfire, the first live event in 10-years for Nexon America’s Mabinogi, the world’s most expressive MMORPG that allows players to create a unique character and live their fantasy life.

Mabinogi Campfire was an invitation-only fan event that was held at LightSpace Studios in Los Angeles. Over 200 Mabinogi fans across North America, selected based on age of their Nexon account, character level and rate of activity, attended and had the opportunity to engage and interact with the Mabinogi development team and fellow fans!

This event was a chance for the Mabinogi community to come together and participate in Mabinogi-themed activities and win exclusive rewards! The Mabinogi team was also able to amplify the awareness of the Memory Book Update, which assists players with leveling up, as well as announce G22 surprise updates during the live Twitch stream!

The event aimed to target players in a new and different way before the peak winter season begins, as well as give back to the community and reward players for their unwavering loyalty over the many years, and build player attraction and positive attitudes toward the Nexon and Mabinogi brands.

The main theme of Mabinogi Campfire was nostalgia and family, instilling a strong sense of community and acknowledging the tight bonds between Mabinogi and its players, as well as the deep relationship the players hold between themselves.

Nostalgia was exhibited by a variety of historic and iconic elements representing the beginnings of Mabinogi, and the notion of family was portrayed through messaging, giving back to the community, and heart-warming video illustrating the tight bond that is shared.

The event consisted of stage programming, in addition to activities that guests could engage in throughout the evening! From creating their own crafts to taking aim practice with ninja stars, the event offered an array of diverse quest activities for the attendees. The event also featured art displays, game quizzes, themed photo ops, exclusive merch for sale, a cosplay contest and live performances.

Mabinogi Campfire held true to its objective in bringing its loyal community together, while building anticipation for another future event to come!

For a video recap of the event, check this out.