Our New Audio Companion

Podcasts have won Americans hearts over and are starting to gain traction with advertising revenue as audience growth with the Medium has been exponential within the last 5 years (40MM listeners in 2014 to now 73MM at the close of 2018). PwC reports that the Medium is on track to grow to a nine-figure component of the global media landscape by 2022.

The format is a highly engaged and intentional Media experience with 22% of the US Population listening at least 1x/month and 19% of US Adults listening Weekly. Magid reports that 4 in 10 people will research a brand/visit a website after hearing an ad within a podcast and that is even further validated by the trusted relationship listeners have with the podcaster – making host read advertisements the go-to format.

Currently, the Apple platform comprises much of the listening (~60%) and most listeners are doing so on the go with 81% consuming via a mobile device (vs. Desktop and Smart speaker) although other devices have their unique purposes too.