Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The retail landscape has seen its fair share of change over the past couple of years and with more square footage available, it has given brands the ability to be creative with the way they commit to physical retail space.

One of the trends that we see as an advantage of this is the fleeting pop-up shopping and showroom experiences.  These experiences have evolved over time, from PR marketing stunts and events, to brands having the ability to test out brick-and-mortar sales channels and showrooms for consumer awareness with low risk.

Disruptor, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have been known to revive the retail landscape by going from clicks to bricks, however this is also applicable to legacy retail brands like Bloomingdales where consumers can now interact with curated brands that evolve every two months in their permanent pop-up “shop-in-shop.”  eMarketer reports in their Future of Retail webinar that consumers want to interact with seasonal pop-ups and support local businesses making the “Neighborhood Goods” marketplace the department store of the future, ala public markets.