Congratulations to Scopely and CBS on the launch of  Star Trek Fleet Command mobile game. 

Osmo is touring the U.S. Come join the fun on either a West Coast or East Coast tour stop.

With the global population expected to hit 9.7 billion by 2050, the big question is, how will we possibly feed everyone?

Soylent came to Ignited looking for a campaign that would drive topline revenue and generate awareness.

Activision partnered with Ignited to bring some new fans to some old favorite games on gaming’s biggest stage, E3.

We are stoked to share that our Client, IPS Group, was awarded the People’s Choice “Best of Show” at the IPI Conference in Florida.

Ignited would like to congratulate our own Irisa Charles and her team for winning the 2018 Southern California Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies Award.

On May 3rd, the latest M-School class graduated from the Loyola Marymount University business school.

It can be hard to spot a fraudster, and’s free search tools can help investors verify that they are dealing with a registered investment professional.

The invitation-only fan event celebrated the legacy of MapleStory with over a decade’s worth of epic updates.